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Green IT Exchange Ltd is committed to equality of opportunity in all aspects of its business relationships.  To this end, Green IT Exchange Ltd acknowledges the following basic rights of all those with whom it interacts, its staff, suppliers, clients and contractors:

  • To be treated with respect and dignity;


  • To be treated fairly with regard to all procedures, assessments and choices;


  • To receive encouragement to reach their full potential. 


Green IT Exchange Ltd further acknowledges that these rights carry with them Responsibilities; it consequently expects all staff, suppliers, clients and contractors to recognize these rights and act accordingly.


  1. The underlying principle of Green IT Exchange Ltd Equal Opportunities Policy is To ensure that no group or individual receives more or less favorable treatment.  Green IT Exchange Ltd will therefore seek to ensure that all are treated solely on the basis of merit, ability and potential, regardless of gender, colour, ethnic or national origin, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, religious or political beliefs, family circumstances or other irrelevant distinction. 


  1. Through its Equal Opportunities Policy, Green IT Exchange   Ltd will, as far as possible, seek to:    identify and eliminate unfair and discriminatory practices wherever they occur in the services and products which it offers; remove inappropriate barriers to entry and achievement, thus enabling a wider variety of people to benefit from the opportunities/services which it offers.


  1.  All qualifications, products and services offered by Green IT Exchange Ltd, legal or contractual requirements permitting will be:  available to all those who are able to benefit from their services and are free from barriers which restrict access and progression;  free from overt or covert discriminatory practices, and due regard will be paid to any special learning/assessment needs of individuals;  free from inappropriate content, language and images;  free from age or other restrictions;  consistent with Green IT Exchange Ltd values. 



To ensure the effective implementation of the Equal Opportunities Policy, Green It Exchange Ltd will allocate the responsibility to the Director.

  1. However, each employee in Green IT Exchange Ltd is responsible for the effective implementation of the Equal Opportunities Policy and its associated procedures, and for monitoring equal opportunities in his/her area of responsibility.


  1. Notwithstanding the above responsibilities, each individual Green It Exchange Ltd staff member is accountable for his/her behavior and for following the procedures associated with Equal Opportunities.



To support staff in fulfilling their obligations Green IT Exchange Ltd will ensure that its Equal Opportunities Policy is known to all employees and is available in the public domain.


  1. Green IT Exchange Ltd will expect external bodies/agencies with whom it does business to embody the same Equal Opportunities values in their treatment of Green IT Exchange Ltd staff, suppliers, clients and contractors; and will communicate this expectation.


Monitoring and Review

Green IT Exchange Ltd will regularly monitor and review the application of its Equal Opportunities Policy and the implementation of associated procedures and from the information gained will analyze potential barriers or areas where positive action may be required.

  1. Green IT Exchange Ltd will ensure that any action taken to comply with this statement does not invalidate any Green IT Exchange Ltd policy.
  2. This statement has been developed to comply with legislation.


This statement represents our general position on Equal Opportunities issues and the policies and practices we will apply in conducting our business. The Equal Opportunities Statement is accessible to all staff via e mail and site documents and to other interested parties via our website ( and on request to  

Signed: Director responsible for Quality Management, Sept 2010